Ruby Ferguson

Ruby Ferguson (1899–1966) wrote the Jill books, which have remained in print longer than any other pony series, only going out of print for a brief period in the first years of this century, when some of the books were picked up by Fidra. Now, of course, all the books are available again as eBooks from Jane Badger Books.

Although the first Jill book appeared in 1949, they are still popular today, because Jill herself is such a wonderfully vivid character. Ruby Ferguson observed children, and particularly horsy children, brilliantly. The Jill sitting in a beautiful dream oblivious to all as she jumps round Harringay in her mind, or sending the coffee pot flying by resting a letter on it; or dreading the visit of her much cleaner, much better behaved Cousin Cecilia, is entirely believable.

This is the series, in the original publication and reading order:

The Jill Series

Jill’s Gymkhana, 1949

A Stable for Jill, 1951

Jill Has Two Ponies, 1952

Jill Enjoys Her Ponies, 1954 (Jill & The Runaway)

Jill’s Riding Club, 1956

Rosettes for Jill, 1957

Jill and the Perfect Pony, 1959

Pony Jobs for Jill, 1960 (Challenges for Jill)

Jill’s Pony Trek, 1962

picture credit: Canva