Christine Pullein-Thompson

Christine Pullein-Thompson (1925–2005) was one of the three Pullein-Thompson sisters. Brought up in bohemian surroundings, they lived the lives they wrote about. 

The girls' schooling was patchy, but it allowed them plenty of time to ride. They read the equestrian works of Henry Wynmalen out loud to each other, trying to improve, and they began to school other people’s ponies. When war broke out, they started a riding school so they could afford to feed their ponies.

Christine wrote throughout her life. By the end of her career, she had produced pony stories covering pretty well every aspect of the genre, from tales of a wild horse to holiday adventure, rescue stories, hunting, and, of course, classic pony stories. She was the most prolific of the Pullein-Thompson sisters by far, with her bibliography numbering over a hundred titles.

Picture credit: estate of Christine Pullein-Thompson