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2024 Books

Here are all the eBooks release dates for this year. Dates later in the year are provisional, and paperbacks will be released in two blocks: June/July and October/November

Gillian Baxter
Jump to the Stars (February 2024)
The Difficult Summer (March 2024)
The Perfect Horse (April 2024)
The Stables at Hampton (June 2024)

Josephine Pullein-Thompson
Fear Treks the Moor (February 2024)
Ride to the Rescue (March 2024)
Ghost House on the Moor (April 2024)
Treasure on the Moor (July 2024)
Mystery on the Moor (August 2024)
Suspicion Stalks the Moor (September 2024)

Patricia Leitch
For Love of a Horse (June 2024)
A Devil to Ride (June 2024)
The Summer Riders (June 2024)

Night of the Red Horse (June 2024)
Gallop to the Hills (June 2024)

Horse in a Million (July 2024)

The Magic Pony (August 2024)
Ride Like the Wind (August 2024)

Chestnut Gold (September 2024)

Jump for the Moon (October 2024)

Horse of Fire (November 2024)

Running Wild (December 2024)