Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Josephine Pullein-Thompson (1924–2014) was the oldest of the three Pullein-Thompson sisters. They grew up in a bohemian household in Oxfordshire, with a sketchy formal education but plenty of time to ride.

The sisters wrote short stories together, and their first book, It Began with Picotee (1946) was a joint effort. They went their separate literary ways after that, and Josephine wrote over thirty pony books in a writing career which stretched for over fifty years.

No-one reading the sisters’ books could doubt that hard work and perseverance could bring success. As Alison Haymonds says:

"life with ponies was a trial run for the sort of life post-war women had to learn to cope with, juggling relationships, responsibilities and family."

Noel and Henry

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Picture credit: estate of Josephine Pullein-Thompson