Caroline Akrill

Caroline Akrill has had a varied career. She said: ‘…I have tried (and it has to be said, failed) most things: not only was I once the proprietor of the worst riding school in the world, but ran for a while what was quite possibly the most unsuccessful show pony stable ever. I have attempted to master the Art of Riding to Hounds, and I have also been a horse dealer of sorts, both of the latter whilst helping to run a country pub which suffered dreadfully from my divided interest.’

She started writing for Pony Magazine in the 1970s and swiftly became one of their most popular writers. Encouraged by Pony's editor, Michael Williams, she submitted one of her serials to a publisher. That became Caroline Canters Home, which is now available again from JBB.

Probably her most popular series is Eventers. For years, fans begged for another Eventers book, and now there is one. Jane Badger Books were delighted to bring out Courses for Horses in paperback in 2022.