Joanna Cannan standing on the shore of a loch

Joanna Cannan

Joanna Cannan (1896–1961) was one of the first, and best, writers of pony stories.

She married Captain James Pullein-Thompson in 1918, and started writing to supplement the family income. As her books became more successful, the family (Denis, Josephine, Christine and Diana) moved to the country. They lived at The Grove, in Oxfordshire, a square white house with stables, and later, ponies.

Her daughters and their ponies inspired Joanna's first children's book. A Pony for Jean was one of the first books to concentrate on the rider and not the pony. It was certainly one of the best. Joanna went on to write nine children's books, most of which are published by Jane Badger Books.

Her eldest daughter, Josephine Pullein-Thompson, said: “We were lucky to have a lively and witty mother; who, though often critical, was never boring and never nagged.”

The Jean Series

A Pony for Jean (not available from JBB)

Another Pony for Jean

More Ponies for Jean

Picture credit: Crescy Cannan